Linear Accelerators


XMS provides a variety of high-quality, previously owned, linear accelerators. Varian is usually the most popular brand, but we also have experience with Siemens and Elekta. Some of our solutions include the latest technologies for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), or even Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). Many systems include options such as Multi-Leaf Collimators (MLC) and Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPID).

Our inventory is constantly changing. Please call us for current availability and details on any systems of interest. We are comfortable with long lead times and often work with facilities 6-12 months in advance of their scheduled changes.

CT Simulators

Specializing in simulation, XMS was on the cutting edge when making the transition from conventional sim to ct sim. Helping companies such as MHTI and Nucletron with virtual sim coding, ct sim came very easy. CT Scanners coupled with ctsim software has become a standard, and we remarket and offer all brands. Whether single slice or multi slice, XMS can fill your requirement .

Conventional Simulators


XMS established its business on simulation and always has been close to the heart of our business. We keep close ties and stay familiar with the most popular brands.

We're proud to feature Nucletron and Varian simulators and can locate and deliver any of the following types of conventional simulators:

 • Oldelft/Nucletron Simulix-HQ or HP, Simulix-MC, and Simulix-Y radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators.

 • Varian Acuity and Ximitron CX series radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators

 • Kermath TSL-XY radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators.

 • Toshiba LX-30A and LX-40 radiographic and fluoroscopic simulators.

Superficial X-Ray Systems

TOPEX technology is based on several needs requirements for today's superficial systems. The most prevalent is the need for a current dedicated skin cancer treatment device. Many older systems still in operation are antiquated by today's standards in terms of system operation, long set-up procedures, large space requirements, parts availability and ongoing costly maintenance.

Topex SRT-100 is a well designed, top-quality, unit that is manufactured in the U.S. The system is a mobile, stand-alone, unit with a small 2'x3' footprint that can be installed in an existing CT or simulator room or even a lightly shielded exam room. 110VAC operation. “Roll it in, plug it in, forget about it” XMS Authorized Distributor – Beat any price!!!!